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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ohio Farm Bureau Governor Strickland Humane Society of the United States

Nothing to be proud of:

Almost a month ago, behind closed doors with very few people knowing, Ohio’s governor -after denouncing HSUS's agenda, was making deals with the farm bureau and the largest animal rights organization in the country. Almost a month ago, but the shock and reality of what was done remains fresh and raw like a cut with a rusty jagged blade. Meeting a thug in a dark alley would likely cause less harm than the smiling faces with invisible arms able to stab you in the back and watch you die-all while smiling to your face and saying pretty words without much meaning.

Ohio Farm Bureau’s (comments at this link are interesting, long as they don't remove more) own policy, they claim to follow, didn’t allow for the agreement to support SB95, ban exotic (the word used is “dangerous” but poor use of semantics) animals and support a cockfighting bill. On the surface, these may appear to be good to support but not when you look closer at the wording and effects of the bills for dog breeding~SB95~ and the cockfighting bill~HB108. No one involved is supporting cockfighting or abuse, cruelty and neglect of any animal-including dogs in commercial breeding kennels. Have people become so brainwashed by the media hype and images repeatedly shown by HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) that they have become unable to think for themselves and look at a larger picture? Vilifying all by the few abuse and neglect cases is hardly an honest representation of animal ownership—of any kind.

By signing an agreement, any organization or elected official is party to an unethical taking of personal rights, property and a means of income for many people. It’s to be expected by an animal rights organization such as HSUS, but not an elected governor or agricultural organization. Knowing they are well-versed in the agenda of HSUS makes it even more disturbing—they can’t claim ignorance of the tactics and goals. Respect for farmers remains, just not for those claiming to represent them.Many have voiced their opinion concerning the "agreement" and most farmers are ethical-something forgotten by those in high places.

The banning of “dangerous” exotic animals should never have been part of an agreement amongst the three entities. None has experience with, statistics to support or anything other than an agenda by using something not theirs to bargain away. If someone is hitchhiking down the road and knocks on your door asking for a car, you go next door and take your neighbor’s car and give the hitchhiker the keys—it’s called theft. Political “deals” of theft should be treated the same—THEFT is wrong, something most people learn at a young age-until they get too big for their britches and think everything belongs to them. Someone is following in HSUS’s footsteps and it’s not a good path.

Honesty, transparency and ethics were not any part of the "agreement." Teaching it to farmers at an OFB meeting is more than hypocritical-it's ridiculous. Practice what you preach-farmers and animal owners aren't the ones with honesty, transparency and ethics issues-OFB, Governor Strickland and HSUS are.

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