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Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to Adopt a Monkey as a Pet

I really dislike the use of the word "adopt" in reference to an animal of any kind. People adopt children, buy animals or sponsor the care of one elsewhere. If you sponsor a child in another country needing care, do you say you adopted him or her? Many words seem hijacked by the animal rights agenda and "adopt" is only one of them. The diluting of the meaning has went even further- I saw an ad to adopt a trailer (mobile home) the other day and almost fell off my chair! In interest of what is most often searched the title uses the word "adopt".

Learning how to adopt a monkey as a pet is not something everyone would choose to do personally. For those committed to doing so, here is some information. For those deciding to adopt a monkey by financially supporting one in a zoo or other facility there are also ideas given.

How to Adopt a Monkey as a Pet

Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership

"It's better to live with than without" ~Me

Animals of all kinds have been kept through history as far back as can be researched. Even Egyptians kept exotic cats and many were mummified along with humans. According to Wikipedia:

Fashionable Egyptian society tamed wild animals of all kinds, including baboons, lions, and gazelles, in menageries at wealthy households. Click on the green highlighted link to go to Wikipedia to read more.

A guest editorial done by Zuzana Kukol, co- founder of REXANO, can be found at BellaOnline titled "Tiger Huggers" and is an insider look at big cat ownership while the REXANO website is packed with information concerning responsible ownership of many different species, different owners experiences and opinions, statistics and much more. It's a refreshing look at responsible exotic animal ownership without the hype of an animal rights (or liberation) agenda while also including common sense, rational thinking along with statistics to support responsible ownership of exotics.

So much information the general public is bombarded with daily is incorrect, hyped and not rational. Let's hope enough people take the time to research many things we are faced with rather than be blindly led down the media trail of oblivion instigated by animal rights organizations like HSUS and PETA plus many other smaller entities with financial gain such as scamtuaries (sanctuaries that keep said animals while claiming no one else can do so properly) while making money off the keeping of the animals.

Many private owners do not make money from keeping their pets, do not take in donations and support their own they chose to keep- even some needing a new home- without attempting to harm the rights of others. If exotic owners are crazy it's only in respect to the majority of those using animals to make money like some organizations and 'sanctuaries' do and instead, footing the bill themselves while fighting just for their right to keep them.  I'd rather be labeled crazy by 'those' than be hypocritical, dishonest  and attempting to control others for my own gain.